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  • JCS Server

JCS stands for JNT Connectivity Server and it is a software-based server designed and developed by JNT Sweden. It is a unique product that is crucial for professional system integrators and businesses.

  • 12 Reasons, JCS :

  1. A Software Glue for Professional System Integrators
  2. True real time platform
  3. Tailored for any Application
  4. Running on Windows (.NET) & Linux (Mono)
  5. Running with Microsoft SQL & PostgreSQL Server
  6. Web Config , Running at Application or Service
  7. Scalable to any size of data/events and any number of Sub-Systems
  8. Low Cost Integration Platform
  9. Layover Server for Retrofit Projects
  10. A2A message Convertor (Any to Any convertor) : API/SDK, ICX, OPC, RS485/232, SIP, OnVif, BACnet, Modbus, ESPA 4.4.4, SIA3, KNX, ASCII, NEMA, TETRA, P100, CPC, SNMP, SNMP Trap, SysLog , XML, Java.NET , C , C#.NET , C++, Python.
  11. Added Value for PSIM/SCADA, VMS , PBX, Intercom, PAGA/PAVA Systems
  12. Spans 360° of all market verticals from a Prison to an Oil & Gas project.

  • Major References :

  1. Stockholm Arlanda Airport, SWEDEN
  2. Stanley Security Alarm Center, SWEDEN
  3. SECURITAS Alarm Center, SWEDEN
  4. Nyx Security Alarm Center, SWEDEN
  5. Arboga Military DEPO, SWEDEN
  6. Halden Prison, Norway
  7. Ila Prison, Norway
  8. Swedish Government (Regeringskansliet)
  9. SWARCO Parking, Sweden
  10. Military Armed Force Doha, QATAR


Jan Granlund


T.  +46 8 99 30 60




  • A unique combination of experience and best products of the market

  • Supplier of your choices

  • JCS Server is JNT Connectivity Server for integrating different subsystems, 100% developed by JNT & customizable