• Car Park

From multi-level parking garages or facilities, to fully automated car lots, the ability to provide high level security in these environments is paramount.

A large percentage of problems and liabilities usually occur in parking areas; yet, unlawful activities and emergency situations can be difficult to monitor and control. Whatever situation might arise, parkings need to be monitored in order to take preventive actions as well as people need access to immediate assistance and the ability to clearly communicate. Our parking solutions greatly enhance security and service level both for parking users and parking operators

  • Railway

Given the fact that mega trend of urbanisation requires high demanding transportation's security and services , people expect to be safe throughout their journey from a bus stop to a high speed train

With our integrated solution across all rail segments such as Rolling Stock, Main Hall, Platform, Tracks & Control Center, you can monitor and communicate with your staff and passengers

Full compliance with open standard protocols such as OnVif, OPC,  SIP , SNMP and SysLog enables effortless integration of our solutions with other subsystems such as PSIM, SCADA, VMS,F&G,  GSM-R, etc.

  • Airport

Keep passengers informed and ensure airport operations run smoothly. Security, safety, and service all depend on good information flow. With our solutions, you can keep passengers informed with Public Address, while personnel on duty connected with radio communication can maintain the required security level.

As large infrastructural junctions, airports are frequented by thousands of passengers and an enormous number of service and security personnel every day. Complex processes, precisely coordinated schedules and vastly varying workspaces make effective communication imperative.

Due to the exceptionally high level of security, permanent availability of communication must also be ensured. These requirements are met by our solutions. Public Address for announcements and voice evacuation, special purpose intercom stations and radio integration - covers the whole spectrum of communication requirements and offers a wide range of integration opportunities to other vital security systems at the airport like PSIM and SCADA

We ensure fast and effective communication between crucial areas, crystal clear audio even in rough and loud environments such as baggage handling, emergency call in lifts and in toilets for the disabled or tower emergency calls. In critical events, the right person is reached instantly at the touch of a button. We allow the passengers to hear and be heard in virtually any environment at the airport.

  • Road's Tunnel

Road's Tunnels are at risk of accidents potentially with a noisy and dusty environment.

Tunnel management system must be integrated seamlessly with communication system and control room operator to manage the situation in  the tunnel efficiently.

We have specialised in emergency phones since 1945. Today, our portfolio focuses on state-of-the art solutions

Our solution for tunnel emergency communication offers a complete  system that handles all stages of critical communication between tunnel users and emergency services.

Don’t settle for complicated communication systems with bad audio, overcome the unique acoustic challenges of tunnels with easy-to-use critical communication solutions!

  • Harbours & Ports

Today, major ports are like huge logistic centers with wide and complex infrastructures and a variety of important tasks like docking, loading, unloading, stacking, reclaiming and the handling of any type of cargo a ship or barge might bring. From grain to steel to refinery parts to locomotives to wind turbines and blades. It is very similar to a huge industrial area where the requirement for critical communication equipment is crucial in the day to day operation. Dealing with hazardous goods and areas with a simultaneous focus on health, environment and safety is focus for everyone involved in the day to day operation of a port.

Effective Communication System and Radio integration is crucial to cover all operation areas. Utilizing our products and solutions, the need for critical communication with crystal clear audio in all areas from control centers to dockside is covered. We offer special purpose intercom stations for hazardous, noisy and dusty areas as well as a full fletched native IP public address system for important announcements and voice evacuation purposes.

Our critical communication solutions are designed to support safety & security through high availability systems in all the demanding areas at the port. Upon detection of an incident, system will generate alarms, initiate pre-recorded messages and notify emergency response people. It is also possible to open two-way communication and talkback functionality by using our intercom edge devices to communicate back to the control center that initiated the evacuation messages, alarms and other important security messages at the port area. Our systems ensure that you are hearing and being heard in moment of distress and crisis, which is what a critical communication solution is all about at the portside.


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